My Journal Notes - Changing Gears 2004


Day 1: San Diego to San Juan Capistrano

·         Meredith’s V-Rod battery went dead before we even got started

·         A group of us missed an exit and almost missed the event launch

·         We changed our groups around midday – I moved from the front to the back – much better view of what everyone is doing!

·         Evening meeting by the pool and a party in Stacy and Linda’s room – lots of fun!


Day 2: San Juan Capistrano to Oxnard

·         Lots of freeways today – went through some nice little towns though

·         Big party and lots of media at the LA Harley dealership

·         My friends Carole and Rich Silvers had gotten off a cruise that day in LA and met me at the dealership

·         A LAPD escort to the freeway

·         Linda’s HOG group met us there for our escort through the freeways and all the way to Oxnard

·         Straight to the Jacuzzi with Marie at days end to relax with a beer!

·         Meeting in the bar/lobby – leaders and sweeps had to stay late to plan routes

·         A group of us went to a local microbrewery and had a great fun dinner


Day 3: Oxnard to Buellton

·         Beautiful roads – from Oxnard to Santa Barbara

·         TV appearance in Santa Barbara and great photos

·         Nice winding roads (but some rough places) to Cold Springs Tavern for lunch

·         When Ramona found a hair in her food, the waiter actually said “No Way!” It was SO California…All that was missing was “…dude!!”

·         Nice ride back to a Marriott where we had a “Hot Tub” briefing with M&M, followed by dancing to a great jukebox and a group of us closing the bar!


Day 4: Buellton to Cambria

·         Passed through some beautiful towns again today

·         Had a nice lunch hosted for us at Hobee’s in San Luis Obispo, where the waitresses make pink bead bracelets for all of us.

·         I got us all started on helmet-signing while we sat around killing time for a while waiting for the BBQ shoppers to return from Trader Joes

·         Rode through some thick fog going into Cambria I didn’t like it a bit!

·         Freaked out the local patrons at the Best Western in Cambria. It was a bit of an older crowd, and the leathers and motorcycles must have been a bit daunting! A number of them asked to change rooms when we showed up!

·         The Best Western hosted a wine and cheese reception for us

·         We met Veronica, the young survivor who was staying at the hotel, and she joined us for a while – what a great experience! Lots of stories, sharing, laughter and tears…

·         Went down in shifts to the beach/park for a great BBQ

·         Great rooms, with fireplaces and very comfy beds! Best nights sleep yet!


Day 5: Cambria to Monterey (Big Sur)

·         Foggy am again – this was very scary at 60mph and trying to wipe my glasses off to be able to see!

·         Gassed up and went to the Hearst Castle visitors center for a while

·         Did the first 15 miles of Big Sur and had a scenic stop at Ragged Point

·         Another 18 miles to lunch at the Ripplewood Resort

·         Last 30 miles was very windy with patches of fog – not my favorite for sure!! Also major temperature swings

·         Got in to Monterey and took Laurie’s bike, the new Heritage Softail Deluxe, for a ride – what a sweet bike!

·         Went with a group to the Monterey Aquarium, and all met up for dinner at the Cannery.

·         Home late – went to Rhonda and Randi’s room to sign posters.


Day 6: Monterey to Burlingame

·         Terrible fog and cold for at least the first hour of riding today. Yuck!

·         Santa Cruz Harley for media

·         Nice brunch set up by the dealer

·         Went to the Boardwalk to relax for a couple of hours

·         Back to SC Harley for another media opportunity

·         Had some other local HOG members escort us to Burlingame, but they got us lost!

·         Very challenging twisty roads - but beautiful – pine forests and great roads

·         Second Harley stop at Peninsula Harley – found out Girlfriend wasn’t doing well

·         Hard ride from that dealer to the hotel – dark and major traffic jams on the freeway!

·         Great hotel – Japanese tourists

·         Worked on the awards with Linda, Jen and Jean

·         Didn’t have dinner – hung around hotel


Day 7: Burlingame to Sonoma/San Rafael

·         Later start – 10:00am

·         Freeway to the next Harley dealership in San Mateo– nice lunch, burgers and chicken

·         Rode through SF to the Golden Gate Bridge – lots of stoplights and traffic, but not bad hills

·         Fog on the bridge –didn’t see anything

·         Beautiful ride into Sonoma – the air smelled of wine

·         Looked a little out of place among all the bed and bath and wine shops in Sonoma’s main square

·         Great hotel – Sheraton – for our pizza party and last night all together

·         Did our awards for each other – lots of signing of CDs, posters and helmets!


Day 8: San Rafael to San Francisco

·         Leisurely breakfast at the hotel

·         Rode the V-Rod – that was wonderful – sure didn’t want to give it back!

·         Down towards the bridge again and NO FOG!

·         Very scenic ride up to the Marin headlands

·         Great pics and boob flashing at the Marin headlands

·         Short ride in to SF – terrible streets though – lights on every corner

·         Final presentation of gifts to Megan and Meredith and official end of ride – turned over our keys!

·         Went back to the hotel and hung out first in M&M’s room for champagne

·         Rooms not ready, and broken elevator at the hotel

·         Call from vet about Girlfriend not doing well - it sounded pretty bad…

·         Tana, Chad and Dev picked me up and we all went to Pier 39 for a bite and got to visit for a couple of hours

·     Back with the girls – out to the Castro for wild dancing and more flashing